A Robot Was Destroyed In Philadelphia. What Was It Famous For? (Correct answer)

Associated Press reports that someone in Philadelphia destroyed hitchBOT beyond repair early Saturday, thereby halting the robot’s maiden American tour after almost two weeks. The Canadian researchers who designed hitchBOT as a social experiment informed the AP that the robot was broken beyond repair. The robot bounced about the Boston region before being sent temporarily to sea.

What happened to hitchhiking robot?

When the hitchBOT was discovered shattered and headless on the streets of Philadelphia in August 2015, it was determined to have met an unfortunate demise. In the aftermath of its death, there was an outpouring of mourning that was uncharacteristic for a nonsentient entity of such magnitude.

Why did hitchBOT get destroyed?

The Canadian academics who developed hitchBOT as a social experiment claim that someone in Philadelphia injured the robot beyond repair on Saturday, putting a stop to the robot’s brief trip of the United States of America. Having successfully hitchhiked throughout Canada and portions of Europe the previous year, the robot was attempting to go cross-country this time.

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Where was hitchhiking robot destroyed?

In Philadelphia on Saturday, a hitchhiking robot that had successfully gone through Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands was destroyed, only a few weeks into its voyage across the United States. A statement from the Canadian research team that developed “hitchBOT” claimed, “Sometimes terrible things happen to excellent robots.”

Who destroyed the hitchhiking robot?

We now know who was responsible for the death of hitchBOT, the world’s most adored hitchhiking robot. On the suburbs of Philadelphia, a beheaded robot with a sweet and innocent face was discovered over the weekend. When it comes to determining who did it, there is just one viable explanation: the CIA.

Where in Philly was HitchBOT killed?

Consequently, they abandoned HitchBOT at the end of Elfreth’s Alley, a historical monument, in the early morning hours of Saturday morning. When the robot was last seen in one piece, it was in that episode. Wellens tweeted on Saturday afternoon, saying, “Thank you very much, Philly!!! @hitchBOT, you friggin killed him. I’m very outraged right now.”

What was the name of the hitchhiking robot?

It had been the goal of HitchBOT, the cheery hitchhiking robot that had completed cross-country travels through Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany, to do a similar journey across the United States.

Where is Hitchbot now?

A new version of Hitchbot is being developed at Ryerson University in Toronto, where it was originally created. Its narrative is possibly the ultimate tale of robot annihilation, and it is made all the more heartbreaking by the fact that it was created to be infantile and completely non-threatening in every aspect.

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Where did Hitchbot start in the US?

It was built by academics David Harris Smith of McMaster University and Frauke Zeller of Ryerson University in 2013 to act as a hitchhiking robot for those in need of transportation.

Is hitchhiking illegal in PA?

Hitchhiking is covered under Code Section 601.11. Requesting a ride, generally known as “hitchhiking,” and stopping or permitting a vehicle to remain in motion while hitchhikers board are both forbidden under federal law and state law.

How long was HitchBOT in the US?

The short and stocky bot, with a bucket for a body and the red LED lights on its face wrapped in plastic, would be impossible to miss among a crowd of brilliantly colored machines. The hitchBOT traveled from Boston to New York — where it stopped to pose for photographs in Times Square — and finally to Philadelphia during its two-week stay in the United States.

What’s the meaning of hitchhiker?

Intransitive verb hitchhike is defined as “to travel via hitchhiking.” Obtaining free rides from passing automobiles is the number one way to travel. 2: to be transported or carried by accident or inadvertently harmful insects hitching a ride aboard ships

Is hitchhiking legal in Arkansas?

Arkansas. In Arkansas, it is against the law to hitchhike.

In which US state is Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a city and port in southeastern Pennsylvania, United States, that is contiguous with Philadelphia county. At the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, it is the largest city in Pennsylvania.

How long did HitchBOT live?

In the United States, HitchBot, the robot that had hitchhiked its way across Germany, the Netherlands and across Canada without incident, managed to live for little over two weeks and a distance of 300 miles despite being vandalized beyond repair and abandoned on a Philadelphia street.

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