How Far Is Pittsburgh From Philadelphia By Plane? (Solution)

The flight distance between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia (Pittsburgh International Airport – Philadelphia International Airport) is 268 miles / 431 kilometers / 233 nautical miles (Pittsburgh International Airport to Philadelphia International Airport). The flight is expected to take 1 hour and 0 minutes.
The flight from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • The flight from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania takes 45 minutes in total. Actual flights flown during the past year, including itineraries like PHL to PIT, have resulted in an average in-flight flight duration (wheels up to wheels down on the runway) of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Takeoff and landing are included in the duration of a typical commercial flight.

How long is the ride from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh?

There are roughly 257 miles (414 kilometers) between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in the United States. The average rail travel between these two cities takes 9 hours and 50 minutes, with the quickest possible train taking only 7 hours and 17 minutes to get there.

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How far is Pittsburgh from Pennsylvania from Philadelphia?

The entire driving distance between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 305 miles or 491 kilometers (one way).

How far is Philadelphia from Pennsylvania by plane?

Pennsylvania and Philadelphia are separated by a long distance. 137.21 mi is the shortest travel distance between Pennsylvania and Philadelphia (via air line or road) (220.82 km).

How far is Pittsburgh from NYC by plane?

By aircraft, the distance between Pittsburgh and New York City is 335 miles. This is the distance traveled by air on the most direct route, which is used by the great majority of trips.

How close are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh?

Between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the entire straight-line distance is 413 kilometers and 900 meters (kilometers and meters). According to mileposts, the distance between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is 257.2 miles.

How many hours drive from Philadelphia to Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia Travel time from New York to Pennsylvania Philadelphia is approximately 220 kilometers away from Pennsylvania, and if you drive at a constant pace of 50 kilometers per hour, you will be in Pennsylvania in 6 hours and 16 minutes. Philadelphia is located around 220 kilometers away from Pennsylvania.

How far is Philadelphia from me by plane?

For the purpose of calculating flight time, we used the straight line distance between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Maine (as the crow flies), which is approximately 436 miles or 702 kilometers.

Is Pittsburgh a good place to live?

PITTSBURGH — The city of Pittsburgh is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all know that Pittsburgh is a fantastic location to live, and the latest edition of U.S. News & World Report has confirmed this. It named Pittsburgh as one of the greatest cities in which to live in the United States. Pittsburgh placed 71st on the list.

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Are Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in the same state?

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are worlds apart in terms of culture. In fact, they may almost be said to be in distinct states. Philadelphia is mostly impacted by New York and the cities around the eastern shore. Given our proximity to the Midwest, we have more in common with Chicago than we do with Philadelphia in terms of culture.

Is Pittsburgh near New York?

The entire driving distance between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and New York, New York is 369 miles or 594 kilometers (one way). Your journey starts in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

How far is Pennsylvania from me by plane?

It is necessary to calculate flight time based on the straight line distance between Maine and Pennsylvania (sometimes known as “as the crow flies”), which is about 488 miles or 785 kilometers.

How far is Pittsburgh from West Virginia border?

In terms of distance, Pittsburgh and West Virginia are separated by 144 miles. The whole driving distance is 228 miles on paved roads.

How far is New York from Philadelphia by plane?

It takes 94 minutes to fly from Philadelphia to New York (Philadelphia International Airport – New York John F. Kennedy International Airport). The flight distance between Philadelphia and New York is 151 kilometers (81 nautical miles). The flight is expected to take 40 minutes.

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