How Long Is A Flight From Puerto Rico To Philadelphia? (TOP 5 Tips)

Flight time from Puerto Rico (SJU) to the United States (PHL) via various carriers, including non-stop flights.

Journey Duration Airline
SJU ➝ PHL 3 hours 55 minutes US Airways
SJU ➝ PHL 4 hours 1 minute Lufthansa

How long does it take to get from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia?

The entire flight time between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico is 3 hours and 40 minutes.

How far is Puerto Rico from Pennsylvania by plane?

It takes 6h 57m to travel from Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico and costs $100 – $420. It costs $100 – $420 to fly from Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico and takes 6h 57m. What is the distance between Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico? Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico are separated by a distance of 2744 kilometers. 6

How long is a direct flight to Puerto Rico?

A nonstop flight from the United States to Puerto Rico takes on average 5h 28m, covering a distance of 1954 miles and covering the time zone difference. In terms of duration, the most common route is Newark – San Juan, which takes an average of 3h 48m.

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Is Puerto Rico safe?

With a lower crime rate than other major cities in the United States and being one of the safest Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is a reasonably safe destination for tourists to visit. Drug trafficking and gang activity account for the majority of violent gun violence in Puerto Rico, which does not often affect vacationers. 6

Do you need a passport for Puerto Rico?

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States do not require a passport to go to Puerto Rico or the United States Virgin Islands. Travelers from other nations who wish to visit Puerto Rico must meet the same visa and passport criteria as those who wish to visit the United States mainland.

How long is flight Miami to Puerto Rico?

Answer: The average travel duration from Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico is 2 hours and 34 minutes (direct flight).

How long is the flight from Philly to Jamaica?

The average time for a direct trip is 3 hours 47 minutes. Three hours and forty-seven minutes is the shortest direct flight time between Philadelphia and Jamaica.

How long is it from Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico?

It takes 3 hours 47 minutes on average to fly from New York to Los Angeles. Three hours and forty-seven minutes is the shortest direct flight time between Philadelphia and Kingston.

How long does it take to get to Puerto Rico from Florida?

Flight time from Florida to Puerto Rico is around 3.5 hours. It takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to go from Florida to Puerto Rico on a nonstop flight.

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Is Puerto Rico cheap?

Is it affordable to travel to Puerto Rico? When compared to other Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is not a particularly inexpensive location, but a week in San Juan can be had for $700 for a single visitor and $1200 for a pair. Travelers on a tight budget might save even more money by preparing their own meals and traveling during the off-season. 19

Is San Juan Safe?

The majority of San Juan’s neighborhoods are safe. The majority of visitors choose to travel to San Juan, which is an outstanding decision. Puerto Rico’s largest metropolis is a hive of activity, a sight to behold, and a treasure trove of wonderful things to do.

What is the best month to visit Puerto Rico?

Visiting Puerto Rico during the ideal time of year is from mid-April to June, immediately following the busy winter season and just before the rainy summer. The weather in the spring is also fairly nice, with temperatures seldom rising beyond the mid-80s on most days.

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