How Many Inches Of Snow In Philadelphia This Winter? (Question)

When does it snow in Philadelphia, and how much does it snow?

  • When Philadelphia Gets Its First and Last Snowfalls of the Season. Philadelphia’s first snowfall of the winter season often occurs in December, while it is possible that there may be no snow in December on at least one out of every four years. The timing of the season’s final snowfall in Philadelphia varies significantly from year to year.

How much snow did Philadelphia get this year?

The snowfall in Philadelphia boosted the season’s total to 22.5 inches, which is a few flakes more than the average for the whole season and, for those keeping track, is more than 73 times the amount of snow that fell during the entire winter of 2019-20. Up to 5.5 inches of rain was recorded in some parts of the city.

How much snow does Philadelphia have?

Furthermore, snowfall in Philadelphia is so unpredictable that calling it “normal” isn’t really useful. The following statistics were obtained for the years 1991 through 2020: On average, the city got roughly 23 inches of snow every season. There was a wide range of totals, ranging from 0.3 inches in the winter of 2019-2020 to an incredible 78.5 inches, or six and one-half feet, in the winter of 2009-2010.

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Will it snow in 2020 in Philadelphia?

In terms of snowfall, Philadelphia saw a slightly above-average winter in 2020-21, gathering around 23.9 inches over the course of many separate storms. In Philadelphia, a long-term average rainfall of around 22 inches is usual, with a record low of 13.2 inches occurring during the 10-year period ending in 1931-32.

Is 2021 going to be a cold winter?

Winter snowfall in Philadelphia in 2020-21 was slightly above average, with an accumulation of around 23.9 inches over the course of many separate storms throughout the city. Philadelphia has a long-term average rainfall of around 22 inches, with a record low of 13.2 inches occurring during the 10-year period ending in 1931-32.

Will it snow in Philadelphia in 2021?

Kathy Orr predicts that the region will receive only 19 inches of snow this winter season, which is less than the normal amount of 23 inches received in a year. According to meteorologist Drew Anderson, the most of the snow will be in the form of nuisance dustings of 3 inches or less.

How much snow does Pennsylvania get?

Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania receives an average of 44 inches of rain per year on average. The average annual rainfall in the United States is 38 inches. Pennsylvania receives an average of 38 inches of snow each year on average. The average amount of snowfall in the United States is 28 inches per year.

How are Philadelphia winters?

When it comes to temperature, the winter months (December to February) are extremely cold: the average temperature is just above freezing (0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit), but there are frequent cold spells, during which the temperature can drop to approximately -10/-15 degrees Celsius (5/14 degrees Fahrenheit). When there is a strong breeze, the air might seem much colder than it actually is.

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Does it snow in Philadelphia in February?

Winter snowfall in Philadelphia is dropping, with the average sliding 31-day snowfall beginning the month at 6.4 inches, when it rarely surpasses 18.9 inches or goes below 0.1 inches, and finishing the month at 4.3 inches, when it rarely exceeds 14.2 inches.

What is the coldest month in Philadelphia?

The average temperature in Philadelphia is 68 degrees. Temperatures below 49 degrees Fahrenheit on an average daily basis characterize the cold season, which lasts for 3.1 months from December 2 to March 7. When it comes to temperatures, January is the coldest month of the year in Philadelphia, with an average low of 27°F and a high of 41°F.

How will this winter snow?

Colder and drier weather is forecast for the coming winter months, with the lowest temperatures expected in mid- to late November, throughout most of December and January, as well as in early to mid-February. Snowfall will be around average in most areas, with the exception of a few locations south of the Great Lakes, where snowfall will be somewhat over normal.

Will we get a lot of snow in 2022?

In my projection for Winter 2022 (December to February), I expect 62 inches of snow, which is about one foot higher than last year’s total of 50 inches of snow. Because the cold season is growing shorter, it’s going to come down to how much snow we can gather between Christmas and Valentine’s Day in order to win the championship.

What kind of winter is predicted for 2021?

As predicted by NOAA’s 2021 Winter Outlook, which covers the period from December 2021 to February 2022, the Northern United States is expected to see above-average precipitation, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, northern Rockies, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, as well as parts of western Alaska.

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Will it be a cold winter 2022?

According to the National Weather Service, there will be snow and freezing temperatures as the year 2021 draws to a close, and even more snow and even colder temperatures as the year 2022 gets underway. In addition, it will be quite chilly on New Year’s Eve, with a predicted nighttime low of 11 degrees.

Will 2021 be an El Nino year?

It has been officially determined that La Nia conditions have emerged, and they are predicted to last during the whole winter of 2021-2022. The term “La Nia” refers to the fact that we are currently in the negative phase of the El Nio Southern Oscillation, sometimes known as ENSO for short.

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