How Many Tolls From Philadelphia To New York? (TOP 5 Tips)

How much will I have to pay in tolls along my route?

  • The amount of tolls you would have to pay on a specific road is determined by the kind of vehicle you drive (number of axles), the time of day you travel (peak or off-peak hours), and the method of payment (tag, cash, video/pay-by-mail). With the Tollguru calculator, you can see the toll prices for both the fastest and the least expensive routes.

How much are tolls from NYC to Philadelphia?

Road conditions from Philadelphia to New York are $13.90 one-way and $27.80 round-trip, respectively.

Are there tolls in Philadelphia?

What is the best way to pay tolls in Philadelphia? Using an E-ZPass or another transponder, you may pay tolls on the I-76/I-276 Mainline Turnpike or the I-95 Connector via Philadelphia. You can also pay tolls online or by mail using the Toll by Plate method.

Is I 90 in New York a toll road?

Interstate 90 is the primary east-west highway in the state of New York. I-90 is tolled for its entire length through New York state, save from the stretch managed by the Department of Transportation and a portion of the Thruway near Buffalo.

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Are there tolls on I 80 in Pennsylvania?

Interstate 90 serves as the state’s primary east-west route. Tolls are collected on I-90 throughout New York, with the exception of sections managed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and a portion of the Thruway near Buffalo.

How much are tolls on Pennsylvania Turnpike?

According to the statement, the toll rates for most passenger cars will increase from $1.60 to $1.70 for E-ZPass and from $3.90 to $4.10 for toll-by-plate. For a Class 5 tractor-trailer, the cost of E-ZPass will decrease from $13 to $13.70, and the cost of toll-by-plate will decrease from $26.60 to $28.

What happens if you drive through a toll without paying in PA?

You will be subject to an indefinite suspension if you do not pay the tolls and fees due by the suspension effective date. An administrative hold will be put on your vehicle registration if you do not make payment by the suspension effective date. Before your registration may be reinstated, you will be asked to pay a restoration charge.

What city in PA is closest to NYC?

East Stroudsburg is a town in Pennsylvania (1 hour 35 minutes) East Stroudsburg is gradually becoming a popular destination for commuters wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of New Jersey and New York. It takes about the same amount of time to commute to New York City as it does to Stroudsburg, which is 60-90 minutes distant and can take up to 2 hours if traffic is severe.

How many hours is it from Pennsylvania to New York?

How long does it take to travel from Pennsylvania to New York, New York (New York City)? Three hours and twenty-nine minutes is the total driving time.

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Is there a bus from Pennsylvania to New York?

There is no direct bus service between Pennsylvania and New York. A direct bus runs from Jefferson Station Bus Terminal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, New York, with a stop at the Jefferson Station Bus Terminal on the way. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The travel will take roughly 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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