How Much Are Tolls From Philadelphia To Boston? (Solution found)

According to current petrol rates, the total cost of driving from Philadelphia, PA to Boston, MA (one-way) is $42.65 dollars. The cost of a round-trip ticket from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Boston, Massachusetts and returning to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania would be $85.30.

How much are tolls from NYC to Boston?

Tolls. According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s website, getting into New York City will cost you $5.54 in tolls if you are equipped with a free EZ-Pass transponder and traveling from Boston. For a round-trip ticket, the cost would be $11.08.

Is there an app to calculate tolls for a trip?

With the TollGuru Toll Calculator software, you can figure out how much toll you’ll have to pay for your route. All you have to do is enter the origin and destination addresses and click on Submit. You have the option of selecting your vehicle type, toll tags, departure time, and other options. The software is also accessible on mobile devices (iOS or Android).

Does Boston have tolls?

The state of Massachusetts has implemented an all computerized tolling system. It consists of the E-ZPass MA and the Pay By Plate MA. On the Mass Turnpike (I-90), the Tobin Memorial Bridge, and the Sumner, Callahan, and Ted Williams Tunnels, the scheme eliminates the need for toll booths entirely.

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Can you avoid tolls in Boston?

Taking public transit between Boston and the airport is the most convenient and time-saving method of avoiding toll highways. The city provides transportation to and from the airport through bus, shuttle, subway, and ferry service, among other modes. From downtown Boston, you may take the SL1 bus service, which stops at every terminal at Logan International Airport.

Can WAZE calculate tolls?

When your route includes a toll road, Waze provides you with an estimate of the cost before you begin navigation. The Routes button on the ETA screen displays other routes and the toll fees associated with each route.

Are tolls cheaper with E-ZPass in PA?

Traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is made even more convenient with the E-ZPass. Driving through a Toll Point with an E-ZPass transponder collects your trip information, which is used to compute the toll and debit it from your E-ZPass pre-paid account balance as you pass through. Customers that use E-ZPass pay the lowest toll rates, which can be up to 60% less.

How much does PA E-ZPass cost?

Individuals Can Use E-ZPass Individuals must pay $35 for their first transponder, as well as a $3 yearly charge. Individual accounts that require additional transponders will be charged $38. The pre-paid option necessitates the deposit of funds into your account and the continual deposit of funds into your account in order to pay for tolls as they become due.

How much is the toll from Philly to NYC?

Individual E-ZPass Cards It costs $35 for the first transponder and another $3 each year for individuals. Individual accounts that require additional transponders will be charged $38 per transponder. You must have money in your account and have money in your account at all times in order to pay for tolls as they are charged while using the pre-paid option.

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What happens if you don’t pay a toll?

Toll roads are those that require drivers to pay to use them. When a vehicle is registered, the registered owner is legally liable for paying the toll. This implies that you might be penalized or prosecuted for failing to pay a toll, even if you were not the one driving the car.

How do I tell how many tolls Google Maps?

To be able to see toll roads on Google Maps, you must first enable the ‘avoid tolls’ feature in the app. Alternatively, you may use the TollGuru Toll Calculator to see whether or not toll roads are available on route to your destination.

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