How To Get From Philadelphia Airport To Amtrak Station? (Solution found)

Thanks! The SEPTA Airport Line rail makes stops at the PHL terminals and travels to 30th Street Station, which is where you may board the Amtrak train to Philadelphia. The fare is $7 and may only be paid in cash.

How far is the Philadelphia Amtrak station from the airport?

How far is the railway station from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)? The nearest rail station to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is a 2-minute walk away.

Does Philadelphia Airport have a shuttle?

This Philadelphia Airport shuttle service may be booked online or by calling the number 856-428-1500. Their kiosk may be found in the Baggage Claim section of Philadelphia International Airport. The Liberty Bell Shuttle can transport you from Philadelphia International Airport to any location in the city and surrounding region. This PHL Airport shuttle may be reached at (215-724-3333) for more information on prices.

Does Philadelphia Airport have a train station?

Book this Philadelphia Airport shuttle service online or by calling 856-428-1500 to make a reservation. In the Baggage Claim section of Philadelphia International Airport, you may find the company’s kiosk. Any place in Philadelphia and the surrounding region may be reached by the Liberty Bell Shuttle, which operates from PHL. This PHL Airport shuttle may be reached at (215-724-3333) for more information on the pricing.

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How much is the train from Philadelphia Airport to downtown?

The SEPTA Airport Line Regional Rail train is the most convenient and least priced mode of transportation from Philadelphia International Airport to downtown. On weekdays, the on-board cost is $8.00 per person; on nights and weekends, the fare is $7.00 per person.

How much is uber from Philadelphia airport to downtown?

In case you’re curious about which transportation network provider is more affordable at PHL—Uber or Lyft—we’ve got the answer for you. In terms of fare estimates for transfers between Philadelphia International Airport and downtown, both apps provide the same range of $24 to $28.

How do you get between terminals at Philadelphia Airport?

If you are in the post-security checkpoint area, you will not have to go through security a second time and will be able to connect to any terminal. There is also a free shuttle service that runs on the secure side between Terminal F and Terminal C, as well as between Terminal A-East and Terminal A-West.

How far is Philadelphia Airport from City?

What is the distance between Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Center City? There is a 7-mile distance between Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Center City. The distance between the two points is 9.4 miles.

How much is the airport train in Philadelphia?

Fares. The cost of a single journey to the city center on the Philadelphia Airport rail is around $6.75, and the cost of any ride beyond the city center is approximately $9.25.

Is the SEPTA safe?

SEPTA is generally considered to be safe during operating hours. Having saying that, the normal limitations about living in a major city apply. Know where you’re going, don’t show off your valuables, and so on. In addition, some of the stations are older and a little run-down, although they are well-patrolled by the police.

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How do you pay for Philadelphia Airport line?

The fee is $6.75 per person. Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time, you may pay $8 cash or card aboard the train as well. The SEPTA Key Fare Kiosks placed at each Airport Line Terminal Stop are where you may purchase a Quick Trip if you are traveling from the airport. You can pay with cash, credit card, or debit card. The fee is $6.75 per person.

Does Philly have a subway?

Lines and stations are a part of the transportation system. SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) operates three subway lines in Philadelphia, which is the same firm that is in charge of the majority of the city’s buses, trolleys, trains, and other public transportation. The business PACTO is in charge of the operation of an extra subway line.

Can you use septa key on airport line?

SEPTA | Current News and Events. Customers who purchase a SEPTA Key Regional Rail Quick Trip at a Fare Kiosk at one of the Terminal stations can travel on the Airport Regional Rail Line from Philadelphia International Airport.

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