How To Get Married In Philadelphia City Hall? (Solution)

In Pennsylvania, how can you obtain a duplicate of your marriage license?

  • Because the state does not require the Department of Vital Records to keep copies of marriage licenses on file, the only way to acquire a copy of a marriage license in Pennsylvania is to visit the county courthouse where the license was originally obtained.

How do you get married at City Hall in Philadelphia?

Before you can schedule your wedding ceremony at Philadelphia City Hall, you must first get a marriage license, which you may obtain in person at the Philadelphia City Hall. Just a reminder that once you have your marriage license, you will have to wait three days before it becomes legal, and it will expire after 60 days, so timing is critical in this situation.

How do I make an appointment to get married in Philadelphia?

To schedule an appointment, send an email to [email protected] To guarantee that you receive an appointment within the appropriate time period, we recommend that you call our office at least a month or two before your wedding. Make your way to the Marriage License Department and fill out an application for your license. Both applicants must attend in person at the Department of Marriage Licenses.

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How much is a wedding at City Hall Philadelphia?

Obtaining and paying for your license The charge for a marriage license is $90.00, which can be paid with a Visa, MasterCard, certified check, or money order (no cash is accepted). Cash and personal checks are not accepted at this location unless otherwise noted.

How do I get married at the courthouse in Pennsylvania?

In order to officially tie the knot in Pennsylvania, you and your spouse will need to submit an application for a marriage license in person at a local Register of Wills, marriage license bureau, or county clerk’s office – together and in person. Proxy weddings are not permitted in the state of Pennsylvania.

How can I get married in PA without a ceremony?

It is only with the help of witnesses that people can legally marry themselves in Pennsylvania, according to an unusual license that is a Quaker custom.. This implies that a couple can have someone emcee the wedding as a symbolic officiant, but not as a legal officiant, if they so want.

How do you elope in Philadelphia?

Make certain that your Elopement in Philadelphia is legal by having it witnessed by a notary public.

  1. Hire an officiant who is willing to go to Philadelphia, or “Self Unite”! You may get a marriage license anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. In the event that you decide to Self-Unite, you will require two witnesses to sign the certificate.

Can you get married same day?

Marriage or civil partnership, civil or religious, can be performed at any time and anyplace, even at your house or in a hospital, 24 hours a day using a Registrar General’s Licence in the case of persons who are extremely sick and not expected to recover from their illness (RGL).

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Do you need witnesses to get married in PA?

A marriage license in Pennsylvania is valid for 60 days. In Pennsylvania, if the couple is married by someone who is legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies, no witnesses are necessary. Pennsylvania, on the other hand, is a Quaker state. This implies that in this country, couples are literally able to marry themselves.

What are the steps to getting married?

The following are the six fundamental steps of getting married.

  1. Find someone you really like and propose to them or accept a proposal from someone you adore. Decide on a date and begin planning the wedding. Make an application for a marriage license. Find a marriage officiant to perform your ceremony. Arrive on time and say, “I Do.”

How many witnesses do you need to get married in PA?

If you are self-solemnizing your marriage, you must have two witnesses present at the ceremony.

How long does it take to get marriage license in PA?

It is recommended that applicants complete the appropriate processes to receive a Marriage License at least two to three weeks before the intended date of their wedding ceremony. When applying for a marriage license in Pennsylvania, there is a three-day waiting time between when you submit your application and when you are granted your license.

How do I find marriage records for free?


  1. FamilySearch is a free website that contains indexes to numerous Family History Library vital records collections, as well as some photographs of the data. In the United States, GenWed is a free genealogy research resource that contains marriage records as well as a list of additional marriage records available online.
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How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse?

Marriages in the courthouse can cost anywhere from $25 to $100, depending on the location. Make sure to check with your local courts for the most up to date costs. You will be responsible for the cost of the marriage license. For the civil ceremony itself, there may be an extra charge in some instances.

What are the documents required to get married?

Photographs of the husband and wife taken from their passports. Affidavit of Marriage (Marriage Certificate). The husband and wife’s birth certificates or a declaration of their ages are required. Signature of a Witness (2 witnesses).

Can you get married online in Pennsylvania?

Marriage license applications can now be completed in person, through Skype, or by appointment. It is necessary to arrive in the office by 4:00 if you have already completed your application online, or by 3:30 if you are filling out the application in the office, in order to be considered for an interview. See below for the prerequisites for obtaining a marriage license.

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