How To Get To Hershey Park From Philadelphia? (Question)

Traveling by bus and using the line 322 bus from Philadelphia to Hershey Park will take 3h 56m and cost $18 – $28, and it will take 3h 56m. Alternatively, you may fly, which would cost you between $170 and $410 and take 2h 39 minutes.

Where do you fly into to go to Hershey Park?

We are only 12 minutes away from Harrisburg International Airport (MDT), which is located in Middletown and serves the surrounding area.

How can I get to Hershey Park without a car?

The bus from Manhattan to Hershey Park, which takes 5h 31m and costs $25 – $40, is the most convenient mode of transportation without a car. What is the approximate travel time between Manhattan and Hershey Park? The total travel time between Manhattan and Hershey Park, including transfers, is approximately 5h 31m.

How many days do you need to visit Hershey Park?

Depending on what you wish to do, you may complete your visit to Hershey Park in one or two days. One-day tickets are often less expensive at Giant food shops in the region – closer to your trip, you may check their website at for more information on pricing and availability.

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Is Hershey close to Philadelphia?

What is the driving distance between Philadelphia and Hershey? The driving distance between Hershey and Philadelphia is 95.1 miles (153 km).

Is Hershey Park parking cash only?

Paying with cash, major credit cards, all Hershey Entertainment Resorts gift cards, and the Hershey Card are all acceptable methods of payment at most locations across the Park. (Cash only is accepted at free-standing food and retail carts.)

Does Southwest fly to Pennsylvania?

Southwest Airlines is pleased to provide service to Philadelphia International Airport. When you book a trip with Southwest, you can begin arranging the vacation of your dreams right now. Despite the fact that Philadelphia has been the scene of key events in American history, there is plenty more of the country to see if you travel outside the Pennsylvania capital.

Does Hershey PA have Uber?

How to Get Around in Hershey You’ve arrived at Hershey, Pennsylvania, dubbed “The Sweetest Place On Earth®.” Apart from seeing our major attractions, the most convenient method to navigate around Hershey and the surrounding region is to hail an Uber or Lyft to transport you from one location to another.

How far is Hershey from Gettysburg?

The driving distance between Hershey and Gettysburg is 50.3 miles (81 km).

How do I get to Hershey Park from NYC by public transportation?

The most convenient mode of transportation from New York to Hershey Park is via train, which takes 5 hours 24 minutes and costs $35 – $55. An alternative mode of transportation is bus, which costs $25 – $45 per person and takes 5 hours and 30 minutes.

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Is Hershey Pa worth visiting?

Everything about Hershey is worth your time. As much fun as the park is, there’s much to do in and around town, whether at the official visitor center or just strolling around the neighborhood. The chocolate flight at the Hershey Story Museum, located in downtown Hershey, is an experience that I believe should be towards the top of any visitor’s to-do list while visiting the area.

Do you get free chocolate at Hershey Park?

On the Chocolate Tour ride, you’ll get the opportunity to view inside a Hershey’s factory and see the confection from the roasted cocoa bean to the wrapped candy bar. It is absolutely free to participate in this activity, and you will also receive a complementary chocolate bar at the conclusion of your adventure.

Can Hershey Park be done in 1 day?

The combination of 1 day at Hershey Park and 1 day at Hershey Chocolate World is ideal. The next day, arrive at Hershey Park early so that you may complete the entire park. Additionally, if you stay at a Hershey resort, you will be able to enter the park one hour earlier than the general public. It was more than a year ago.

How far away is Hershey and Philadelphia?

There are 95 miles (153 kilometers) between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Hershey, Pennsylvania in total driving distance. Your journey begins in the Pennsylvania city of Philadelphia. It comes to a close in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

How much is a bus ticket from Harrisburg to Philadelphia?

If you book your bus ticket from Harrisburg to Philadelphia one day in advance, the price will be around $7. During the previous 351 days, ticket prices from Harrisburg to Philadelphia have fluctuated. During high season, ticket costs are around $44, while at other times, you can anticipate to pay approximately $44.

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