How To Obtain A Police Report In Philadelphia? (Solution)

What happens if a police officer submits a fabricated police report?

  • Falsely filing a police complaint is a serious violation that is penalized by both federal and state law. Someone could do this for a variety of reasons, such as attempting to lead the police to a different suspect if the person who filed the complaint was a participant in the underlying crime, or just to draw attention to themselves. In many cases, it results in the filing of further accusations, such as obstruction of justice.

Where can I get a copy of a police report in Philadelphia?

The Department of Records can provide you with copies of public safety records upon request. This contains information such as traffic accident reports (also known as crash reports).

How do I get a police record in Philadelphia?

A $25 non-refundable charge must be paid in order to get public Philadelphia records pertaining to offenses or occurrences. Requesters must download and complete this form, which must then be submitted in person or by mail to the concerned police district site.

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How do I get a police report in PA?

You can obtain a copy of a police report by visiting the website of the Pennsylvania State Police Department. You may pick up a copy of the Application to Obtain a Copy of a Police Report, also known as Form SP 7-0015, at this location.

How do I get a police report from a car accident?

How to submit an application. Then send it to the RTC Process Team at the email address on the ‘Request a collision report form’, which you can find at the bottom of this page. Please double-check that you have included all of the necessary information, otherwise we will have to charge you an administration fee. We’ll let you know when the report is ready for release, and then we’ll ask you to pay.

What is a police report?

Here’s everything you need to know: Then send it to the RTC Process Team at the email address on the ‘Request a collision report form’, which you may see below. In order to avoid having to charge you an administrative fee, please ensure that all of the necessary information is included. As soon as we are able to issue the report, we will contact you to collect the necessary funds..

Where do I get an accident report in Philadelphia?

Send your request to the following address: Department of Records, Traffic Accident Reports, Room 168, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (by mail or courier).

How do I get a copy of a police report online in Philadelphia?

Thank you for your inquiry. You may find the application for a report at the following link: Accident Reports html. Download the application form, complete it, and then send it to the email address.

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How do I get my criminal record in PA?

Where may a person go to look up criminal records in the state of Pennsylvania?

  1. The records are maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police, who also provide an online database for doing searches. Also available through the Pennsylvania Judiciary online portal is the ability to read dispositions in criminal cases through the study of court docket sheets.

How do I report a hit and run in Philadelphia?


  1. Move your vehicle to the shoulder of the road so that you are out of the way of oncoming traffic. Immediately dial 911. In order to establish the seriousness of the collision, the dispatcher will inform you whether you need to report the accident in person or over the phone.

Are police reports public record pa?

Due to the fact that investigative reports are not public information, they are not available through the RTKL. The Pennsylvania State Police has provided information about their subpoena processes. Under the RTKL, it is not possible to get information on a person’s criminal history.

How do I find police records?

For police records, you may either contact the local police department directly or go to the appropriate county or city archive. Using our Find an archive feature, you may look for contact information.

Can I request a copy of my police statement?

It is simple to receive your police report by going to the police department where the report was initially submitted and exchanging the sheet for the real report. Your insurance company will have to seek a copy of your police report through the mail, which can take a little longer if you do not receive one immediately.

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Should you report a car accident to the police?

If you did not exchange contact information at the scene, you should contact the police within 24 hours to report the collision. A letter containing your contact information should be left in the event that you collide with a parked automobile or someone’s property and cannot reach the owner.

Do I need to make a police report for a car accident?

When an accident includes a government vehicle, property damage to government property, a foreign vehicle, a pedestrian or cyclist, a hit-and-run case, or an injury that necessitates hospitalization or medical leave for more than three days, you should file a police report.

How do I access a collision report?

In order to receive a paid copy of the police report, you must first request a copy from the local law enforcement agency that generated the document. Before you are allowed to leave the scene of the accident, the investigating officer will normally offer you a receipt that contains the identifying number for your police report.

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