What Are The Mint Errors On A 1979 Susan B Anthony Philadelphia? (Solution found)

Does the Susan B Anthony dollar have any typographical errors?

  • The Susan B. Anthony dollar, like any other coin, can be discovered with flaws and faults. However, because the majority of Susan B. Anthony dollars were struck without substantial faults, serious mistakes in this series are extremely uncommon coins!

What is the error on the Susan B Anthony 1979 coin?

Mint markings were still being punched into working dies by hand in 1979, when this photograph was taken. The punch that was being used was old and rusted to the point of being useless. “Blob” rather than a “S” appeared to be the mint mark’s most distinguishing feature. A new punch was created at the conclusion of the production run in 1979, which resulted in the 1979-S Proof Type 2 clear mint markings being produced (see below).

Where is the mint mark on a 1979 Susan B Anthony?

The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints all produced coins for the inaugural year of the coin series, which was 1979. This collection contains all three 1979 coins from each of the three Mints that produced them. The Mint mark is located on the obverse, on the left side, directly above Anthony’s shoulder, and serves to identify the coin.

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Are there any rare Susan B Anthony coins?

Due to the limited circulation of Susan B. Anthony dollars, many are still available in uncirculated form and are worth little more than their face value. Some date and mint mark types, on the other hand, are relatively desirable. Because the 1981 coins were exclusively distributed to collectors, they are worth far more than the other circulation strikes in the series.

Are Susan B. Anthony coins gold?

During the 1997 session of Congress, the United States $1 Coin Act (Public Law 104-124, Section 4) was approved, which replaced the Susan B. Anthony dollar with a gold dollar coin. With its golden tint and smoother edge and larger border, this new coin is easier to distinguish from a quarter than its predecessors were.

What is a wide rim Susan B. Anthony dollar?

The “Wide Rim” variety is the name given to the second type of tomato. The “Wide Rim” version is the more uncommon of the two, and as a result, it typically fetches a higher price. It will be possible to distinguish the rim of the coin from the date of the coin on a standard 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar with a “Narrow Rim” because the rim of the coin will be separated from the date of the coin.

Are Susan B Anthony dollars Silver?

Overview of the Anthony Dollar Series. Susan B. Anthony dollars are the only copper-nickel clad dollar coins that have ever been produced by the United States Mint in a tiny size. They were produced from 1979 to 1981, with the latest one being produced in 1999.

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Can you get Susan B Anthony dollars at the bank?

Because of its bland appearance and widespread rejection by the general population, there is little interest for this coin series among collectors. Both. On rare occasions, you may be able to locate circulating coins in your local bank’s coin collection. Uncirculated coins may be obtained at a reasonable price from a coin dealer in your neighborhood.

How much is a 1979 proof set worth?

The 1979-S Proof Set (Type 2 – Clear S Variety) has an estimated value of $91 or more according to the United States Coin Book. Learn how to utilize coin price charts by visiting this page.

Is a dollar coin from 1979 worth anything?

The United States Mint produced two coin hubs in 1979. Because this particular form of the coin is rare, it is extremely valuable. However, when the coin is an uncirculated kind, its value may be determined. This sort of coin, if it is the circulating variety, is not worth much more than a few bucks.

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