What Channel Is The Cw In Philadelphia? (Correct answer)

WPSG, virtual channel 57 (UHF digital channel 33), is a television station owned and run by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CW) and licensed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Channels Digital: 33 (UHF) Virtual: 57
Branding The CW Philly CBS 3 Eyewitness News on The CW Philly (newscasts)


How can I watch the CW in Philadelphia?

WPSG is a local network affiliate of The CW that broadcasts from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You may catch up on local news, weather, traffic, live sports, and daytime, primetime, and late-night programs on the WPSG television network. If you have an antenna, you may tune in to Channel 57 or subscribe to a live streaming service to see the broadcast channel.

What happened to channel 57 in Philadelphia?

While Channel 57 was first licensed in 1981 with the call letters WWSG-TV, it has since changed its name to Channel 57. Following its acquisition by The CW network in September 2006, it was rebranded as The CW Philadelphia 57.

What channel is CW Plus?

On which DIRECTV channel is CW Plus broadcast? CW Plus may be seen on channel 394.

Where can I find The CW channel?

When using one of the following streaming services, you can watch The CW on an Amazon Fire TV device: fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, DirecTV Stream, and YouTube TV.

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Is The CW a local channel?

CW Live will be broadcasted on a variety of streaming services. This is a local broadcast channel that is generally accessible with the use of a television antenna. Some live streaming providers, on the other hand, may offer it. In order to determine whether or not this local broadcast channel is available in your region, you should see our local streaming report.

What does CW channel mean?

There is a television network in the United States known as The CW Television Network (The CW), which began at the beginning of the 2006–2007 television season. It is the initial letter of the names of these businesses that is used to create the “CW” moniker (CBS and Warner Bros.).

Is The CW free?

The only method to watch new episodes of The CW for free and without requiring a login. It is not necessary to log in because there is no cable subscription, no credit cards, and no passwords. *Never, ever give up. ADVANCED CONTENT: Watch previews for forthcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras and interviews with the cast, among other things.

What channel is all American on?

THE CW will broadcast the next new episode of ALL AMERICAN on September 22nd. It will broadcast on The CW on Monday, December 6, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. ET for the sixth episode of Season 4, entitled “Show Me A Good Time,” and will be the show’s last episode.

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