What City In Delaware Is Closest To Philadelphia? (Best solution)

Wilmington, in the state of Delaware, is the nearest city to Philadelphia. It has a population of around 70 000 people. It’s around 20 kilometers distant.

How far is Philadelphia from Delaware border?

There are 89 miles between Philadelphia and Wilmington in the United States. This route covers 29.5 miles on the road.

What cities in PA are close to Delaware?

Delaware County, Pennsylvania is bordered by the following cities:

  • Springfield, Pennsylvania
  • Woodlyn, Pennsylvania
  • Broomall, Pennsylvania
  • Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
  • Darby, Pennsylvania
  • Yeadon, Pennsylvania

Is Philly close to Delaware?

Overall, the driving distance between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Delaware, United States is 71 miles (114 kilometers). The entire straight-line distance between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware is 46 miles. This equates to around 73 kilometers or 40 nautical miles in distance.

Is Wilmington close to Philadelphia?

The entire driving distance between Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA is 32 miles (51 kilometers) and takes around 1 hour. It comes to a conclusion in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is possible that you may want to calculate the total driving time between Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA if you are planning a road trip in order to determine when you will arrive at your destination.

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How close are Delaware and Pennsylvania?

Between Delaware and Pennsylvania, the distance between them is 1159 kilometers (720.7 miles).

How much is the train from Delaware to Philadelphia?

It takes 22 minutes and costs $1 – $75 to get from Delaware to Philadelphia by rail, which is the quickest mode of transportation.

Is Wilmington a suburb of Philly?

“We’re a city that’s a suburb of Philadelphia, a satellite city,” Phillips explained. To summarize, Wilmington is a satellite of Philadelphia and has a very high chance of being the top in its class in the near future.

What part of Delaware is closest to NY?

Get to Wilmington as soon as possible. Wilmington, Delaware, is the state’s northernmost metropolis and is only a few miles from the borders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is the only city in Delaware from which it is feasible to obtain rail service out of the state and into New York City.

Is Newark Delaware a good place to live?

Newark is located in New Castle County and is considered to be one of the greatest locations to reside in the state of Delaware. Living in Newark provides inhabitants with a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority of residents are homeowners. Newark is home to a large number of young professionals, and the city’s citizens tend to hold moderate political views.

How long is train ride from Delaware to Washington?

The journey from Delaware to Washington takes approximately how long. With transfers, the train ride from Wilmington to Washington Union Station takes 1 hour and 25 minutes, with departures every 30 minutes.

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Is there a train from DC to Delaware?

Is there a direct train that runs between Washington and Wilmington, DE? Yes, there is a direct train that runs from Washington Union Station station to Wilmington and back again. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will take roughly 1h 14m to complete the trek.

What county is Wilmington Delaware in?

When the Christina River and Brandywine Creek meet the Delaware River, Wilmington, Delaware, the state capital, and seat of New Castle county, is the largest city in Delaware and the county seat of New Castle county.

Is Wilmington Delaware a good place to live?

The combination of excellent employment opportunities, a beautiful city to live in, excellent educational opportunities, and accessibility makes Wilmington a popular choice for folks migrating from other east coast towns. Downtown Wilmington is gradually establishing itself as a must-visit destination for chefs and food enthusiasts seeking for new and unique dishes.

How far is Delaware from New York by train?

The distance between the states of Delaware and New York is approximately 160 miles. 124.3 miles separate the two points on the route. How can I go from Delaware to New York without having to use a vehicle? The most convenient mode of transportation between Delaware and New York without a car is by train, which takes 1h 34m and costs $16 – $160.

How far is Wilmington Delaware and Washington DC?

There are 111 miles (179 kilometers) between Wilmington, DE and Washington, DC in total driving distance.

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