What Is Near 30th Street Station Philadelphia? (Solved)


  • This station is located inside the 30th Street Station, which is on the outskirts of Philadelphia’s Center City at 2955 Market Street, and is served by Amtrak. The station is conveniently located near the Schuylkill River, the University of Pennsylvania, and Drexel University. It is also a center for commuter trains, and a SEPTA subway station is just a short walk from the station. Amenities available at the station View the whole 30th Street…

Is 30th Street Station Safe?

When it comes to nighttime safety, 30th street station is one of the safest sites in the entire city. The Amtrak police headquarters is conveniently located in the station and is staffed around the clock.

What train stations are in Philadelphia?

The following pages are in the category “Railway stations in Philadelphia.”

  • 3rd and Locust stations.
  • 2nd and Locust stations.
  • 5th and Locust stations.
  • 8th Street station (Philadelphia)
  • 9–10th and Locust stations.
  • 11th Street station (SEPTA)
  • 12–13th & Locust stations.
  • 13th Street station (SEPTA)
  • 15–16th & Locust stations.

Where’s the Rocky statue now?

Immediately following the completion of filming, Stallone presented the monument to the City of Philadelphia. There is a near-constant queue of people waiting to have their photographs taken with the “Italian Stallion,” which has stood at the bottom of the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 2006, and the statue has been there since 2006.

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How old is 30th Street Station in Philadelphia?

The huge, eight-story steel frame skyscraper, designed by Alfred Shaw of Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978 and is a National Historic Landmark.

Is the SEPTA safe?

SEPTA is generally considered to be safe during operating hours. Having saying that, the normal limitations about living in a major city apply. Know where you’re going, don’t show off your valuables, and so on. In addition, some of the stations are older and a little run-down, although they are well-patrolled by the police.

How far is Philadelphia train station from airport?

How far is the railway station from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)? The nearest rail station to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is a 2-minute walk away.

Does Philly have a subway?

Lines and stations are a part of the transportation system. SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) operates three subway lines in Philadelphia, which is the same firm that is in charge of the majority of the city’s buses, trolleys, trains, and other public transportation. The business PACTO is in charge of the operation of an extra subway line.

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