What Is Philadelphia Freedom About?

“With Love to B.J.K. and the sound of Philadelphia,” John dedicated his smash hit track, released in 1975, to B.J.K. and the sound of Philadelphia. It is a homage to King, their relationship, and the people of the city, and it was released just a year before the upcoming bicentennial commemoration of the United States of America.

  • It is accomplished by just turning up, even when the court is not prepared to receive us. That is why “Philadelphia Freedom” serves not just as a gay pride song, but also as a gay pride anthem. It’s a song about the sensations we get when we create our most authentic, whole, and liberated selves. This song was introduced to me when I was the same age as these children

Who is Philadelphia Freedom written for?

When Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote the song, they were doing it as a favor for John’s friend, tennis champion Billie Jean King, who was a member of the Philadelphia Freedoms professional tennis team at the time.

Who wrote the song Philadelphia Freedom?

Taupin was under no obligation to write lyrics about King, and he chose not to do so – the song was inspired by the Philadelphia soul sound of groups such as The O’Jays and Melvin The Blue Notes, as well as the American bicentennial (the United States celebrated 200 years of independence in 1976), among other things.

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When did the song Philadelphia Freedom come out?

He had no duty to compose words about King, and he didn’t; instead, the song was inspired by the Philadelphia soul sound of groups like The O’Jays and Melvin The Blue Notes as well as the American bicentennial; in 1976, the United States celebrated its 200th year as a sovereign nation.

Did Elton John write a song about Billie Jean King?

EVANSTON – “Freedom” is one of tennis legend and equal rights pioneer Billie Jean King’s favorite words, and she fell in love with the song “Philadelphia Freedom,” written in her honor by singer Elton John, from the minute she heard the first three notes of the song.

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