What Is The Church Of Philadelphia? (Question)

The Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) is a multinational church with its headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma, in the United States of America. The PCG may trace its origins back to the Worldwide Church of God (WCG), which was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong.

Philadelphia Church of God
Headquarters Edmond, Oklahoma
Origin December 7, 1989 Edmond, Oklahoma
Separated from Worldwide Church of God


  • It is one of the Seven Churches in Revelation 2-3, which includes the Church of Philadelphia. The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse was the moniker given to these group of buildings. Today, these churches may be seen in a variety of locations ranging from Asia Minor to modern-day Turkey. The Greek term for Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7) literally translates as “brotherly love.” This city was founded before the year 138 B.C.

Does the Church of Philadelphia still exist?

Since the Greco-Turkish population exchange, Philadelphia has remained the administrative center of the Metropolis of Philadelphia, which has been a titular see since that time. Despite the fact that the Philadelphia area was historically an Orthodox region, the Roman Catholic Church has maintained a competing titular bishop of Philadelphia since at least the 1500s.

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Where was the Biblical Church of Philadelphia?

Alasehir is a modern town in the Turkish province of Alasehir. The Christian church at Philadelphia was the sixth of the Seven Churches in Asia Minor mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and it was founded by the apostle John.

What denomination is Philadelphia Church of God?

“The Church of God,” we believe, is the body of believers who are being led by the Holy Spirit; we believe the true Church of God is not a denomination; we believe that the inspired name for this spiritual organism is “the Church of God” (Acts 20:28); we believe the Church’s mission today is to preach to the world about the coming Kingdom of God; and we believe that the true Church of God does not have a denomination.

Where are the seven churches of Revelation located today?

According to the New Testament Book of Revelation, the Seven Churches of Revelation are seven prominent early Christian churches that are listed in the book of Apocalypse and the Seven Churches of Asia, respectively. Every one of them is located in Asia Minor, which is modern-day Turkey.

What is Smyrna called today?

Since around 1930, the city has been referred to as zmir. Two ruins of the old city are still visible today within the municipal limits of Izmir.

What does the word Philadelphia mean?

As a result of Penn’s decision, the city was called Philadelphia, which is Greek for “brotherly love.” The name comes from the Ancient Greek phrases o phlos (beloved, dear) and adelphós (brotherly love) (brother, brotherly).

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Was there a Philadelphia in Egypt?

Philadelphia (which literally translates as “City of Brotherly Love” in ancient Greek) was a city in Egypt that was built during the Ptolemaic Period and was located around 75 miles southwest of modern-day Cairo (305-30 BCE).

Who was the angel of Philadelphia?

William Still (1821–1902), the renowned abolitionist known as the “Angel of Philadelphia,” worked tirelessly from his Philadelphia home, organizing transportation, transmitting information, and raising finances to aid enslaved persons in their attempts to elude capture and emigration.

What is Philadelphia in Greek?

Philadelphia has long been referred to as “The City of Brotherly Love” because the literal meaning of the city’s name in Greek (Greek: ([philadelphea]), Modern Greek: [filaelfia]), “brotherly love,” is derived from the Ancient Greek terms o phlos (beloved, dear, or loving) and adelphós (brother, or brotherly love), and the nickname is derived from

What are christadelphian beliefs?

Beliefs. Christadelphians consider themselves to be Christians, yet they disagree with several aspects of conventional Christian teaching. They believe that God’s power is shown via the Holy Spirit. They believe that Jesus is presently in Heaven, but that he will physically return to the earth in order to establish God’s Kingdom.

What kind of church was Laodicea?

The Laodicean Church was a Christian congregation that was founded in the ancient city of Laodicea in the fourth century AD (on the river Lycus, in the Roman province of Asia, and one of the early centers of Christianity).

Does the church of Thyatira still exist?

Thyatira is now simply a few scattered remains in the contemporary city of Akhisar, where it once stood.

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Where is thyatira now?

Thyateira (also spelled Thyatira) was the name of an ancient Greek city in Asia Minor, which is now known as the contemporary Turkish city of Akhisar. Thyateira (also spelled Thyatira) was founded by the Greeks in the fifth century BC (“white castle”). Lydian is most likely the given name. It is located in the extreme western part of Turkey, south of Istanbul, and almost exactly in the middle of the country’s eastern border with Greece.

What is Ephesus called today?

Ephesus is now referred to as Selcuk in current times. A tiny Turkish town with a population of 36.000 people, located in Western Turkey, with a population of 36.000 people. Agriculture is the most important industry in Selcuk. Selcuk is located 60 kilometers south of Izmir and 18 kilometers from the Kusadasi Port.

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