What New Players Did Philadelphia Phillies Aquire? (Perfect answer)

14: The Philadelphia Phillies announced this evening that they had signed six prospects — all right-handed pitchers — to minor league contracts that would include invites to major league Spring Training in 2019. Cam Bedrosian, Andrew Bellatti, Jake Newberry, Joe Gatto, Tyler Cyr, and Michael Kelly are among others who have joined the group.
Who was it that the Philadelphia Phillies acquired at the MLB trade deadline?

  • Phillies Acquire Pitchers Before the MLB Trade Deadline The Texas Rangers have acquired Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Freddy Galvis. Published at 9:00 p.m. on July 30, 2021, by CBS3 Staff

Did the Phillies get any new players?

In a separate transaction, the Phillies acquired Houston Astros catcher Garrett Stubbs. Andrew Knapp, the Phillies’ backup catcher in 2022, has elected to become a free agent, and he might replace him. Garrett was acquired from the Houston Astros by the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for minor-league outfielder Logan Cerny. Cerny, who is 22 years old, was selected in the tenth round of the 2021 draft.

Have the Phillies signed any free agents?

The luxury tax statistics are determined at the end of each season, and the Phillies ended up with around $202.5 million in luxury tax in 2021. Before the MLB lockout began on December 1, the Phillies signed two free agents to one-year deals: reliever Corey Knebel ($10 million) and utilityman Johan Camargo ($1.4 million). Knebel and Camargo were both inked to one-year deals with the Phillies before the lockout began.

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What trades did the Phillies make?

The Philadelphia Phillies announced on Nov. 19 that they had acquired catcher Garrett Stubbs from the Houston Astros in exchange for outfielder Logan Cerny, as well as RHP Nick Nelson and catcher Donny Sands from the New York Yankees in exchange for LHP Joel Valdez and first baseman T.J. Rumfield. The Phillies also acquired RHP Nick Nelson and catcher Donny Sands from the New York Yankees in exchange for RHP Nick Nelson and catcher Donny Sands.

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