When Was My House Built Philadelphia?

What is the best way to find out when my house in Philadelphia was built?

  • The Philadelphia City Archives holds deed documents from 1683 to 1955, which span the period from 1683 to 1955. If the house was built after 1955, contact the Records Department Reference Room 154 at City Hall (phone: 215-686-2292) for more information. What is the best way to find out when my house was built? Building licenses issued before to 1889 are no longer in existence.

When was my home built?

If you don’t have your chain of title documentation with you, go to the county recorder’s office or the county recorder’s website. The deeds and documents for your property are kept on file with the recorder’s office as public record, and you may look them up at no cost there.

How do I find the history of a building in Philadelphia?

For more information about the Philadelphia Historic Streets Index, visit www.phillyhistory.org. To access the DOR Historic Street Index, select the Link tab and then DOR Historic Street Index. Enter the name of a street in the search box to get a list of street name changes. The blocks are identified by their number designations.

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How do I find the history of my house for free?

Here are eight methods for discovering the history of your home.

  1. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Consult with your real estate agent. Attempt to locate historical census records. Visit a library, historical organization, or preservation foundation in your community. Look for hints around the house and in the yard. Conduct a search for a title. Learn about the place by reading literature about it. Are you prepared to relocate?

How old are houses in Philadelphia?

In the Philadelphia metropolitan area, more than half of the dwelling units were constructed more than 60 years ago. Sixty-five percent of the city’s total housing units, totaling 668,497 units, were constructed before 1950; 72 percent were constructed before 1960; and 40 percent were constructed before 1940.

How do I find out what year a building was built?

The date or year a building was erected is normally recorded in the tax records of the town, county, or state where the structure is located. Historical real estate listings may include information about the age of the structure. Evidence that a home was present at the time of the census can be obtained from census data.

How can I find out how old my house is?

It is possible to determine the age of a property by looking at the date on which it was initially transferred from the property developer to the first owner.

  1. It’s possible that you already have a copy of the Title Register. If you want information prior to purchasing, the estate agent, conveyancer, or mortgage broker with whom you are working will almost always have a copy.
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How do you find out who built your home?

The Best Way to Find Out Who Built Your House

  1. Visit your county recorder’s office and conduct a sticker search.
  2. Go to the library.
  3. Visit your state’s historical society, museums, and history center. Make contact with your real estate agent. Consult with your neighbors. Get to know the past owners.

How do I find old pictures of my house online?

Here are some of the greatest areas to look for images in and around the city.

  1. You can find information on your local historical society, Images of America books, neighbors, former owners, the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), local history books, the local library history room, old newspapers, and more on this page.

How do I find information about a house?

Deed searches are typically initiated with your county clerk, recorder, auditor, or state registration of deeds; while these agencies may enable you to search online, visiting the office in person and requesting any physical documents available will provide the most full history.

When was the first house built in Pennsylvania?

The oldest structure in Pennsylvania, which was constructed about 1640, may be found here.

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