Where To Buy Vinyl Records In Philadelphia? (Solved)

When it comes to vinyl records, where is the greatest place to shop?

  • As a result of its massive Database and international Marketplace, Discogs is without a doubt the finest online destination for purchasing vinyl records. The fact that it is administered in a hive-mind fashion by hundreds of thousands of users who like the site means that it is the closest you will get to replicating the in-store shopping experience.

What is the best place to get vinyl records?

The Best Websites for Purchasing Vinyl Records on the Internet

  • Reckless Records
  • Grimey’s Music
  • Turntable Lab
  • In Your Ear! Music Direct is a music distribution service. Music Direct, which is well-known for its extensive range, provides a flawless online purchasing experience.

Do stores sell vinyl records?

Vinyl has officially returned, with sales in the United Kingdom reaching their highest level since the early 1990s. Independent record stores are booming across London, fueled by the ongoing vinyl renaissance and the popularity of events such as Record Store Day.

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Where is a good place to buy vinyl records online?

The Top 5 Websites to Purchase Vinyl Records on the Internet

  • A list of sources includes: LDprod/Shutterstock.com
  • Discogs
  • Amoeba Music.
  • Presto Music.
  • DustyGroove.
  • Boomkat
  • and more.

How do I get the best price on vinyl records?

Following that, I’ll go through the information you’ll need to know in order to obtain the maximum money for your records.

  1. Record and music stores are a type of store that sells records and music. Bringing your vinyl records to a record or music store near you is one of the best (and quickest) methods to sell them.
  2. EBay.
  3. Discogs.
  4. Flea Markets.
  5. Used Bookstores.
  6. CDandLP.com.

Does anyone buy old LP records?

Using online marketplaces such as Ebay, Music Stack, and Amazon will make it simple to sell your vinyl records to individual collectors. However, if you want to sell your stack in volume, you should look at selling it through record stores instead. The advantage of selling to record stores is that you may sell to any store in the country; you are not restricted to a small number of local vinyl stores.

Why is vinyl so expensive?

There is a scarcity of records to be made, a decrease in demand for records to be printed as a result of high expenses, and a frenzy of individuals buying recordings with no concern for the price. Sales of records on the internet have never been anywhere near to what they were in 2020, when they climbed by 30% in a single year, according to industry data (this is unprecedented).

How do you buy vinyl records?

In summary, there are eight simple steps to purchasing vinyl records.

  1. Begin by shopping for vinyl at your local record stores and thrift stores.
  2. By visiting vinyl store owners on a regular basis, you will develop connections with them. Investigate the resale value of vinyl records, particularly if you are trying to purchase an original. Examine each and every vinyl record that you purchase with care.
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Are vinyl records coming back?

It will be the first time in more than a generation that record sales — specifically, actual vinyl records — will outpace CD sales this year, which will take place in 2019.

Are 33 records worth anything?

LPs that are extremely rare and valuable (33 RPM) Many of them have monetary worth in excess of $100. Some sell for as much as $1000 or even more. The highest-valued recordings are those of the “most collected artists.” The majority of “Fans” LPs released after 1970 sell for $10 or more, but those released before 1970 sell for $100 or more.

Is discogs com legit?

Discogs has a consumer rating of 2.31 stars based on 95 reviews, showing that the vast majority of buyers are disappointed with their purchases on the website. Customers that have expressed dissatisfaction with Discogs most typically describe poor customer service, bad comments, and difficulties that have persisted for a long period. Discogs is ranked 30th in the list of Music Discovery websites.

What does LP mean in vinyl?

LP is an abbreviation for’Long Play. ‘ These are more in length than EPs, and until the arrival of the 33 1/3rd rpm 12-inch record, they required two vinyl records each issue. LPs can include upwards of 20 songs on a single release, and the definitions can differ depending on who you ask.

What does 180 gram vinyl mean?

It is often believed that heavier-weight vinyl produces a more complex audio spectrum than lighter-weight vinyl or standard grade vinyl. Sure, the weight of 180g LPs makes them ride more smoothly on a turntable, but that’s about the extent of their advantages. In contrast to the weight of the disc, the quality of the sound is determined by the vinyl compound used in its production.

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What is the most valuable vinyl record?

The ten most expensive vinyl albums ever sold are listed below.

  • Yesterday Today – $125,000
  • John Lennon Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy – $150,000
  • The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – $300,000
  • The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) – $790,000
  • The Wu-Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – $2 million

How much would an Elvis Presley record be worth?

Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley: up to $1,000 in cash Given the fact that most youths in 1950s America purchased Elvis albums in large quantities, Elvis records don’t tend to fetch a high price. Certain records, on the other hand, are extremely valuable. Look for mono copies of the King’s debut album if you can find them. Copies of the book may sell for as much as $1,000.

Are albums from the 60’s and 70’s worth anything?

And, generally speaking, rare albums from the 1960s and 1970s (the ‘golden period’ of music) that were only printed in small quantities (even if the band is mostly unknown) are the most precious (especially if the band is completely unknown), demanding four-figure prices in certain circumstances. Furthermore, singles are sometimes more valuable than both EPs and full-length albums combined.

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