Where To Live In Center City Philadelphia? (TOP 5 Tips)

Philadelphia is a great city to live in.

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What are the greatest neighborhoods in Philadelphia to reside in?

  • These are some of the most sought-after properties in the whole city. However, the cost of living at Rittenhouse Square is among the highest in the entire city of Philadelphia. The Schuylkill River’s west bank is home to Philadelphia’s second downtown, which rises above the water. The city of University City is home to many prominent universities as well as gleaming skyscrapers. Penn, Drexel, and the University of the Sciences are all shown on this map.

Is Center City Philly safe?

However, while the city’s main tourist destinations, such as Center City, are typically safe, regular tourists report that other portions of the city (such as the South, North, and West Philadelphia) may be quite hazardous. While you’re here, remember to use common sense: keep your valuables close to you (and preferably concealed from view) at all times.

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What part of Philadelphia is best to live in?

Philadelphia’s 26 Best Neighborhoods to Live in in 2021

  1. The Old City.
  2. University City
  3. Chestnut Hill
  4. Bella Vista
  5. Center City
  6. Queen Village
  7. Society Hill
  8. Fairmount
  9. The neighborhoods of University City, Chestnut Hill, and Bella Vista are all great places to visit.

Is it expensive to live in Center City Philadelphia?

This is the historic center of the town. ;University City; Chestnut Hill; Bella Vista; Center City; Queen Village; Society Hill; Fairmount;

Is Center City Philadelphia a good place to live?

Explore Market Street, a bustling commercial district with a fascinating history, and take in the architecture, interesting stores, and different dining options. The Center City area in Philadelphia is a wonderful spot to call home if you’re looking for a neighborhood that appreciates charm and character.

Is it safe to walk around Center City Philadelphia at night?

Center City is highly safe, and you may feel safe on the streets at any time of day or night. However, if you walk too far north from Fishtown or Center City, or too far south from South Philly, you may find yourself in a predicament that requires assistance.

Is Fishtown safe?

Not only is Fishtown one of the greatest areas in Philadelphia for young professionals, but it’s also one of the safest, according to the Neighborhood Watch program. It had the ninth lowest number of crimes per person in each category—violent crimes, property crimes, and total crimes—and the ninth lowest overall. In general, inhabitants had a 1 in 35 risk of becoming a victim of a crime in their neighborhood.

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Where should I move in Philly?

Philadelphia is a great city to live in.

  • Fairmount. Fairmount, with its diverse galleries and laid-back ambience, is home to Philadelphia’s world-class institutions, including the Franklin Institute and Fitler Square. Logan Square, Midtown Village, Old City, Rittenhouse Square, Society Hill, and University City all have an old-school charm about them.

Is moving to Philadelphia a good idea?

Philadelphia is an excellent city to raise a family because of a number of the advantages outlined above. Several cultural and educational possibilities are available in the city, as previously noted. Green space and walkable, pleasant neighborhoods provide opportunities for children to interact with one another.

Which part of Philadelphia is safest?

The Philadelphia Neighborhoods with the Highest Level of Safety

  • Chestnut Hill is a neighborhood in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill is at the top of the list of neighborhoods with low levels of violent crime and theft of personal property. Other neighborhoods on the list include Fishtown, Old City, Center City, Fairmount-Spring Garden, Northern Liberties, Bella Vista, and Somerton.

Is it cheaper to live in NY or PA?

While living in Philadelphia, PA is less expensive than living in New York, NY, it is still less expensive than living in New York, NY. Generally speaking, employers in Philadelphia, PA pay 11.0 percent less than their counterparts in New York, NY.

What salary do you need to live in Philadelphia?

According to a new estimate by Go Banking Rate, you’ll need to earn exactly $59,384 per year to be able to afford to live in the city of Philadelphia. This is based on the budgeting guideline that states that you should spend 50% of your income on needs, 30% on discretionary expenditures, and 20% on savings.

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What is the rich part of Philadelphia?

Often referred to as “Rittenhouse Square,” the neighborhood around Rittenhouse Square is regarded one of Philadelphia’s most exclusive and affluent districts for good reason. Real estate values in this enclave are among the highest in the city, and Rittenhouse’s central position makes it convenient for residents to get to restaurants, stores, and Center City business buildings. 4

Is Manayunk safe?

Manayunk. In the entire city of Philadelphia, the charming neighborhood of Manayunk has one of the lowest crime rates per capita. It is a generally safe neighborhood, with 45 percent less crimes than the rest of the city in general.

Is Fishtown a good place to live?

Fishtown, which has been named one of the greatest Philadelphia neighborhoods for young professionals, also has the distinction of being one of the safest communities in the city. In fact, it has been ranked one of the top ten safest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, owing to the low amount of violent, property, and total crimes committed per person in the area.

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