Who Is The Actor In The Philadelphia Cream Cheese Commercial? (Correct answer)

David Nerman’s biography may be found on IMDb.

  • Linda Kash, of Peterborough, is well recognized for her role as the famous Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel in the well-known television ads from the 1990s. She is currently on the lookout for a replacement. To be considered for an audition, post a short video on social media with the hashtag #PhillyCastingCall demonstrating why you are a good fit for the job. (Image courtesy of Kraft Heinz Canada)

How old is Linda Cash?

Humberley Gonzalez, a Toronto-based actress whose television credits include Utopia Falls, Orphan Black, and CBC’s Workin’ Moms, has been cast as the new Angel. According to Philly, Gonzalez demonstrated three major characteristics that lead to her selection for the role: humor, charisma, and relatability, which were all considered important requirements.

What happened to the new Philly angel?

Linda Kash’s reign as the famed Philly Cream Cheese Angel has come to an end, kind of – according to the performer from Peterborough. Linda Kash believes you have the potential to be the next Philly Cream Cheese Angel! Humberly Gonzalez, the newest Philly Cream Cheese Angel, has taken Kash’s place as the new Philly Cream Cheese Angel.

Was Linda Kash on Seinfeld?

Linda Kash began her professional career at the Second City in Toronto, where she still works today. The actress has also performed in a number of productions with the Canadian Stage Company. Linda has also appeared on shows such as Seinfeld, Third Rock From The Sun, Cybill, Everybody Loves Raymond, Ellen, and Sabrina, among others.

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What song is in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial?

The senses are being bombarded. Two spots for Philadelphia cream cheese were created in collaboration with AOR Gut, one was directed by award-winning director Ian Schwartz, and one was set to Irma Thomas’ classic 1965 single “Take a Look.” The three spots lean into the sensory experience that tasting Philadelphia cream cheese can provide.

What is a Schmelier?

If professionals in the wine industry are referred to as sommeliers. What do you call a person who is an expert at smears of cream cheese on toast? A Schmelier, to be precise. As the world’s foremost expert on cream cheese, he’s here to impart his knowledge of what it takes to produce the perfect schmear of cheese on bread.

Why is there a new Philly angel?

Philadelphia Cream Cheese has picked its new angel following a talent competition that took place earlier this year. The company is attempting to win the “bagel occasion” and appeal with millennial families by expanding its social media presence across several platforms. Rumor has it that Humberly Gonz├ílez will take over as the brand’s ambassador from Linda Kash.

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