Who Makes Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Nutrition 8 Oz? (Solution found)

MyFitnessPal has the nutrition data for Kraft Philadelphia – Regular Cream Cheese (8 oz Pkg) including calories, carbohydrates, and fat.
The nutritional value of cream cheese is not known at this time.

  • Nutritional Information for Cream Cheese. Cream cheese contains a variety of nutrients. The protein content in one hundred grams of cream cheese is 15.69 grams with just 1 gram of fat, 7.66 grams of carbs, and no fiber. From 100 grams of Cream Cheese, you’ll get 105 calories, which is 5 percent of your entire daily calorie need. One gram of fat and 12 milligrams of cholesterol are included within this serving.

Where is Philadelphia cream cheese manufactured?

Under the ownership of Kraft Heinz, Philadelphia Cream Cheese continued to be manufactured in a factory in Lowville, New York, the state where the brand originated, in the twenty-first century, and the residents of Lowville organized an annual Cream Cheese Festival to commemorate their hometown’s contribution to the world.

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Is Philadelphia cream cheese made in USA?

Philadelphia Cream Cheese does not originate in the city of Philadelphia. It is not manufactured in this facility at this time, and it has not been made in this facility at any point in its 135-year history. New York’s upstate region is where the template of the thick spread that has become part of the American breakfast canon was originally designed and manufactured.

Is Walmart cream cheese good?

Fortunately, you can obtain quality cream cheese at a lower cost if you shop at Walmart. This cream cheese was really creamy and spreadable, making it ideal for incorporating into any dish. As a result, it might not be the best choice for eating on a bagel by itself—but it would be fantastic when combined with additional toppings!!

What is the origin of Philadelphia cream cheese?

According to the Kraft Heinz Co., Philadelphia Cream Cheese was invented in New York in 1872 and given its name in 1880 as part of a marketing strategy to associate the product with the high-quality food and dairy farming for which the Philadelphia area was known at the time. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a type of cheese that is made from cream cheese.

Where is Philadelphia cream cheese made in Australia?

PHILADELPIA cream cheese is proudly made in South Australia from fresh milk and cream supplied from inside the country’s borders.

Is Philadelphia cream cheese healthy?

Cream cheese is a dairy spread that may be used in a variety of ways. It is a strong source of vitamin A and does not contain a significant amount of lactose. However, because it is poor in protein and heavy in fat and calories, it is recommended that you consume it in small amounts. Notably, variations with less fat and calories, such as whipped cream cheese, are available.

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Why is it called Philadelphia?

Its name derives from a combination of two Greek words: love (phileo) and brother (adelphia) (adelphos). Philadelphia was given this name by the city’s founder, William Penn, who had envisioned a city of religious tolerance in which no one would be persecuted.

Does mondelez own Philadelphia cream cheese?

Its name derives from a combination of two Greek words: love (phileo) and brother (adelphos) (adelphos). Philadelphia was given its name by the city’s founder, William Penn, who imagined a city of religious tolerance in which no one would be persecuted.

Can you freeze Philadelphia cream cheese?

Simply said, it is entirely safe to store cream cheese in the freezer for future use. The texture, on the other hand, will alter considerably, making it unlikely that you’ll want to spread it over your morning bagel.

Why is Philadelphia cream cheese so good?

Philadelphia cream cheese, which has a high concentration of stabilizers and has an almost frighteningly velvety texture, is a fantastic addition to dessert recipes. It “whips up so creamy and silky,” she says, “but it also lends such lovely heaviness and richness to the finished product.” “The taste is tart and well-balanced,” says the chef.

Is Philadelphia cream cheese made in Beaver Dam Wisconsin?

For almost 140 years, PHILADELPHIA has been the cream cheese of choice in the United States. The beginning of every narrative begins with the procurement of fresh milk from dairy farms in the vicinity of our creameries in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and Lowville, New York.

Who manufactures great value cream cheese?

Great Value items are manufactured by ConAgra and Sara Lee, however their factories are located in a number of different states, and you can typically tell which factory created the product by understanding the manufacturer’s coding system.

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Does Philadelphia cream cheese taste better than store brand?

Philadelphia was favored over the generic brand by 57 percent. The comments clearly indicate that there is a significant flavor difference between Philadelphia cream cheese and other cream cheese brands — a distinction that distinguishes Philadelphia cream cheese from its competitors, for better or ill.

What is the difference between cream cheese and Philadelphia?

Philadelphia cream cheese has a superior flavor than other cream cheeses. It has a much creamier flavor than Great Value does. When opposed to the heavier and more difficult to spread Great Value, Philadelphia is wonderfully smooth and nearly buttery in texture. Overall, we would choose Philadelphia over Great Value without a doubt based on our personal preferences.

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