How Do You Say Water In Philadelphia Accent?

Instead of the more normal English /wtr/, the word water is usually pronounced /wtr/ (with the first syllable rhyming with the word put, so that it sounds like “wooter” or “wooder”), which is pronounced like “wooter” or “wooder.” The use of this phrase is often believed to be the distinguishing trait of the Philadelphia accent, especially among young Philadelphians.
What does a Philadelphia accent sound like?

  • Can you describe the sound of a Philadelphia accent?

How do people in Pennsylvania say water?

‘Ah’ is becoming more prevalent, so instead of ‘cawfee,’ more Philadelphians are saying ‘coffee,” and ‘wooder’ is becoming ‘water,'” says the author. Labov expressed himself.

Where do people say Wudder instead of water?

Is it also heard in other places? Ans: The word “water” is frequently mispronounced as wooder or wooter in parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania that are part of the Delaware Valley region, notably in Philadelphia (the initial vowel is pronounced as in “put”).

How do you say words in Philadelphia?

Even in attentive speech, the usual local pronunciation of “Philadelphia” is “Fulladulfya,” which may be heard all the time. It is uttered in the same way as the distinct words “full,” “a,” and “dull,” and then the monosyllabic ending “fya,” in which the ‘y’ is a consonantal consonant.

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Do they say YINZ in Philadelphia?

While the phrase “y’all” is commonly used in the South to refer to a group of people, if you’re from western Pennsylvania, the term “yinz” is used in the same context.

What does jawn mean in Philly?

Jawn is a neutral, all-purpose noun that may be used to refer to anybody, wherever, at any time, or to any item. During informal conversation, it is used in place of the term thing to indicate a physical object. Joint was modified by African American English speakers in Philadelphia, who used the term jawn to describe the new word.

What words do Philadelphians say differently?

Guide to Proper Pronunciation

  • Water is pronounced “wooder.” Bala Cynwyd is pronounced “BA-la KIN-wid.” Schuylkill is pronounced “SKOO-kil.” Water is pronounced “SKOO-kil.” It is possible that Eagles will be pronounced “ig-gles” depending on where the speaker is from in the Philadelphia region. Both Erin and Aaron are pronouced “UR-in,” and Aaron is pronouced “AAH-run.”

How do New Jerseyans say water?

‘Water’ is typically pronounced as “wooder” (wood’-er) or “wudder,” depending on the dialect. Saying “wooder” or “wudder” will almost certainly make you sound like you’re from South Jersey.

How do Southerners say house?

Even this single accent has a number of different variations. There are certain Charlestonians that shorten their words a little, thus house is more like huss in their speech. Charlestonians do not employ Southern idioms such as “just pickin,” yet we do use the renowned “y’all” to refer to our fellow citizens.

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