How Long Is Winter Jam Philadelphia? (Solution found)

WHAT IS THE LENGTH OF THE CONCERT? You will have around 3.5 hours of performance time each night because all of the performers will be performing.

Is there a Winter Jam in 2021?

The Winter Jam team announced today (Feb 3) the dates and artist lineup for an unique Winter Jam Weekend in 2021, which will take place in New York City. Riley Clemmons, KB, We The Kingdom, Colton Dixon, and Crowder are among the artists that will perform on this year’s restricted schedule. NewSong, the band that will be hosting the event, will also play. JJ Weeks and Apollo LTD are among the performers who will perform during the Pre-Jam.

Are they having Winter Jam this year?

The Winter Jam Tour Spectular will return in 2022 after being postponed in 2020 and not appearing in 2021 due to scheduling conflicts. Pre-Jam singers Abby Robertson and Bayside Worship are among those who will perform alongside headliner Skillet. Other artists on the bill include KB, Colton Dixon, I AM THEY and hosts Newsong, who will also perform at the festival.

Will Skillet be at Winter Jam 2022?

Winter Jam, one of the largest multi-artist tours in Christian music, has revealed the roster for its “All Together Now” tour, which will take place in 2022. Presented by Compassion International, this year’s festival will include Skillet and Tauren Wells as its headliners, among other artists.

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Who is playing in Winter Jam 2022?

WINTER JAM in the year 2022

  • Winter Jam, presented by NewSong Ministries in partnership with Premier Productions, is returning in 2022 with headliners Skillet and Tauren Wells. Other artists include KB, Colton Dixon, and more. Only ten dollars at the entrance! Doors open at 5:00 p.m.
  • Pre-Jam Party begins at 6:00 p.m.
  • Show begins at 7:00 p.m.

How long is Winter Jam 2021?

WHAT IS THE LENGTH OF THE CONCERT? You will have around 3.5 hours of performance time each night because all of the performers will be performing.

Where does Winter Jam take place?

On Saturday, February 19, Bridgestone Arena in Nashville will host the 2022 Winter Jam, an all-star concert tour that will run from January 7 through March 27 and will feature performances by a variety of artists. Skillet, the stalwarts of Christian hard rock, will lead this year’s tour for the fourth time in their history.

Is Winter Jam 2020 Cancelled?

Winter Jam 2020 has been postponed.

What day is Winter Jam 2022?

NewSong’s contemporary Christian music group conceived and established “January Jam” in 1995, which was then produced and promoted by the promotion business Premier Productions. Winter Jam has been held yearly since 1995, when it was first held as “January Jam.”

What is jam nation?

A membership in JAM NATION allows members to financially support the ministry of Winter Jam while also receiving incredible perks such as free and early admission to the concert of their choosing!

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