How To Find A Towed Car In Philadelphia? (Solution)

You may confirm that your car has been towed by calling 1-888-591-3636. We will be able to provide you with information on where your car was taken. You may also track down the whereabouts of your towed car by using the link provided below.

  • To locate your towed vehicle in Philadelphia, you may always phone 311 or search the city’s website for the vehicle’s location. If your vehicle has been towed or impounded by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, you can obtain information on your vehicle by calling 215-561-3636.

How do I find out who towed my car Philadelphia?

If your vehicle has been towed or impounded by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, you can obtain information on your vehicle by calling 215-561-3636.

How do I find my car after being towed?

The non-emergency phone number for the police department should be used if you come late to a metered parking place (not 911). If you fear that your automobile has been towed by the city, you may be able to locate it online and retrieve it. A website that publishes the information on towed vehicles is available in several big cities, where police departments can offer information.

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How do I find my lost car in Philadelphia?

To find an impounded car, please visit this page or call us at 888-591-3636. If your vehicle has been towed or impounded by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, we will be able to inform you where your vehicle has been transported and what you need to do in order to retrieve it from the tow yard. My vehicle had to be taken away.

What happens when your car gets towed in Philadelphia?

Automobiles, parking, and transit To have your car returned to you after it has been towed and impounded, you must first acknowledge that it has been towed, and then pay all outstanding fines and costs before it can be released. To find your car or to pay boot and tow costs, go to the following website: Philadelphia Parking Authority.

When can police tow your car pa?

(1) If a person operates a motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles on a highway or trafficway in this Commonwealth while the person’s operating privilege is suspended, revoked, canceled, recalled, or disqualified, or if the person is unlicensed, as determined by an appropriate law enforcement officer working in cooperation with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the person is subject to the penalties set forth in subsection (1).

How do I contact PPA?

For further information, please call 888-591-3636.

How can I find my car?

GPS Navigation to Locate My Vehicle (Android) Open the app and select the Park option from the menu. Afterwards, you may make a note of your location and take a photograph of it. When you’re ready to get back into your car, simply open the app again and press the Find My Car icon once again.

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Can my car be towed without warning?

Is it possible for me to be towed even if there is no notice indicating that automobiles will be removed? Yes. The law does not compel the landowner to post a notice stating that they would tow any cars that are unlawfully parked, nor does it mandate that they do so.

How do I find my car if it was towed in Maryland?

If you don’t know where your vehicle has been towed, call the towing company.

  1. Call the non-emergency hotline for the police department — 301-279-8000. Make sure to include the following information about your car: tag (license plate) or vehicle identifying number (VIN), make/model, and where the vehicle was towed.

Who tows abandoned cars in Philadelphia?

It may take up to 60 days or more for an abandoned car to be removed from the road. The Philadelphia Police Department’s Neighborhood Services Unit (NSU) will conduct an initial investigation into the vehicle’s circumstances.

What happens if your car disappears?

Rather than being stolen, it is possible that the PPA is responsible for the disappearance of your parked vehicle. “Courtesy towing” does not require any prior notification. You may have been kindly towed by the city or a private firm on your behalf, and your vehicle can be discovered just a few blocks away from where you parked it last.

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