What Part Of Philadelphia Is 19123? (Solved)

  • The 19123 zip code is situated in the eastern region of Pennsylvania. The zip code 19123 is located in the county of Philadelphia. The land area of the zip code 19123 is 1.26 square miles, while the water area is 0.12 square miles. As of 2010-2014, the total population of the 19123 zip code is 13,342, representing a 35.89 percent increase since the year 2000.

What nationality is Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a city with a wide range of cultures. Its population is made up of 44.1 percent black people, 35.8 percent white people, 13.6 percent Latino people, and 7.2 percent Asian people.

Is Pennsylvania and Philly the same?

Philadelphia (often referred to as “Philly”) is the capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. It is the sixth-most populous city in the United States and the most populous city in the state of Pennsylvania, with a projected population of 1,603,797 in 2020, according to the United States Census Bureau.

What is the zip code for Northern Liberties Philadelphia?

The zip code 19123, which corresponds almost closely to the Northern Liberties area, came in fourth on RentCafĂ©’s list of the most desirable zip codes.

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Where do Hispanics live in Philadelphia?

South Americans are concentrated in Philadelphia’s Center City, West Philadelphia, and among the city’s established Latino communities in North and South Philadelphia, among other neighborhoods.

What is the largest ethnic group in Philadelphia?

Other (Hispanic) (7.85 percent), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (7.51 percent), White (Hispanic) (7.51 percent), and Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (40.1 percent) are the five most populous ethnic groups in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.84 percent ).

In which state is Philadelphia located?

Philadelphia is a city and port in southeastern Pennsylvania, United States, that is contiguous with Philadelphia county. At the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, it is the largest city in Pennsylvania.

Does Philadelphia have boroughs?

Historically, many neighborhoods were defined by incorporated townships (Blockley, Roxborough), districts (Belmont, Kensington, Moyamensing, Richmond), or boroughs (Bridesburg, Frankford, Germantown, Manayunk) before being incorporated into the city with the Act of Consolidation of 1854. The Act of Consolidation of 1854 defined the boundaries of many neighborhoods.

What is the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia?

The South Philadelphia region includes the zip codes 19145, 19146, 19147, and 19148, which are all located in the city of Philadelphia.

Is Fishtown gentrified?

Gender-based gentrification has had the greatest impact on a number of neighborhoods in and around Center City, including lower North Philadelphia (including Francisville and Northern Liberties), Fishtown (including Kensington and Fairmount), Center City West (including Hawthorne), University City (including Point Breeze), and Grays Ferry.

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