What Section Of Philadelphia Is West Oak Lane? (Solution)

  • West Oak Lane is a neighborhood in the Northwestern Philadelphia area of Philadelphia. The majority of the neighborhood was built between the early 1920s and the late 1930s, with the parts around Cedarbrook being built following World War II.

What area is considered Northwest Philadelphia?

The Wissahickon Creek divides the neighborhood into two subsections, Upper Northwest Philadelphia and Lower Northwest Philadelphia, which are separated by the creek. Germantown, Mount Airy (which is separated into east and west halves), and Chestnut Hill are located in the Upper Northwest, while Roxborough, Wissahickon, East Falls, and Manayunk are located in the Lower Northwest.

What are the areas of Philadelphia?

Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

  • South Street and University City are located in Philadelphia’s West Philly neighborhood. Center City is located in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood. Rittenhouse Square is located in the Parkway-Museum District is located in Chinatown is located in South Philly.

What neighborhoods are in Northwest Philadelphia?

Neighborhoods in the Northwest Philadelphia Area

  • Andorra. As a suburban area inside the city borders of Philadelphia, Andorra is also known as Chestnut Hill. Chestnut Hill is a gorgeous area in northwest Philadelphia that is also the most costly. Other nearby neighborhoods include East Falls, Roxborough, Manayunk, and Mt.
  • Wissahickon.

What is Germantown ZIP code?

Generally speaking, the neighborhoods of Center City, South Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, and the suburban portions of the Northwest Philadelphia region are in good shape. The neighborhoods directly to the north of Center City, such as Northern Liberties and Fairmount, are likewise also considered to be rather secure.

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What township is Manayunk in?

In addition, West Philadelphia has a strong feeling of community, with young families populating the neighborhood’s row-house style dwellings. The West Philadelphia area, which is rich in history and attractions, is an excellent choice for potential inhabitants of the City of Brotherly Love.

Where should I not live in Philadelphia?

The following are the most hazardous neighborhoods in Philadelphia that you should avoid:

  • Harrowgate, Tioga-Nicetown, Alleghany West, North Central Philadelphia, Strawberry Mansion, and Tioga-Nicetown

Are there hills in Philadelphia?

Due to the fact that the city of brotherly love is not particularly recognized for its hilly or mountainous topography, you may be asking where in Philadelphia you might find some nice hills to run on. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite hills to run on in pHILLadelphia, including: 1.

Who is Henry Ave named after?

The old mayor’s street, Henry Avenue, is located in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia. From 1867 to 1888, Mayor Henry resided in 3460 West School House Lane, now known as The Alexander Henry House, in the East Falls/Germantown district of Philadelphia, which is now known as the Alexander Henry House Museum.

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