When Did American Bandstand Leave Philadelphia?

American Bandstand: West Philadelphia’s Seven-Year Wonder 1957-1964. This historical plaque honors Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, which was aired from West Philadelphia from 1957 to 1964.

  • On September 7, 1963, “American Bandstand” discontinued its daily run and became a weekly Saturday presentation. By February of the following year, Clark transferred the show from Philadelphia to ABC Studios in Los Angeles.

When did American Bandstand leave Philly?

The program transferred production in 1964 from Philadelphia to Hollywood, months after it began running once per week. In its latter years the show was challenged by the diverse preferences of splintered audiences.

When did American Bandstand move from Philadelphia to California?

In 1964, Clark transferred the production of American Bandstand to California, decreasing transmissions to once a week. In part, the relocation was undertaken to allow Clark’s development into other program creation.

Why was Bob Horn fired from Bandstand?

Bob Horn’s Bandstand started on WFIL-TV (Channel 6) in late September 1952 as a substitute for a weekday feature. On July 9, 1956, Horn, sacked following a drunk driving arrest, was replaced by Dick Clark after a period of on-air tryouts from other DJs. (Horn also had been accused with statutory rape, and was acquitted.)

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When did Bandstand move to LA?

In 1956, radio disc jockey Richard “Dick” Wagstaff Clark took over as presenter of “Bandstand” – a Philadelphia television show. The next year, ABC television took up and renamed the show “American Bandstand.” In 1964, Dick Clark and the program went to Los Angeles.

Did they lip sync on American Bandstand?

—Now-classic video from shows like “American Bandstand” showed musicians lip-synching. — Michael Jackson mouthed part of his superstar-making moment on the “Motown 25” TV show in 1983. “Every motion picture you’ve watched, every ‘American Bandstand’ you saw, most of all MTV you saw, it’s all lip-synched,” he remarked.

Did American Bandstand dancers earn?

No dancer was paid a dime to participate on the show. Many regulars were offered advertising, but anyone who gained money from being on the show was booted off immediately.

When did American Bandstand allow black dancers?

Delmont believes Clark’s debut mention to the show’s “integration” occurred in 1976, when Bandstand was vying with Soul Train for artists, fans and sponsors. Recalling Bandstand’s integration underlined the show’s support for black music and culture.

Who was the first host of Bandstand?

Hosted by local radio personality Bob Horn, the first Bandstand nevertheless developed much of the core format of its subsequent version. In the first year after Dick Clark took over as host in the summer of 1956, Bandstand remained a big local hit, but it required Clark’s drive to help it break out.

What was the focus of American Bandstand?

What was the emphasis of American Bandstand? The concept was to have a lot of kids in a studio, play current popular tracks as they dance, and have a few musical guests perform. It was an appropriate Rock N’ Roll concert. It was scene as a force of racial integration.

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Who was the first performer on American Bandstand?

When Bandstand initially went nationwide with ABC in August 1957, Lee Andrews and the Hearts featured among the first guests playing their song, “Long Lonely Nights.” In that year as well, other black performers also debuted, including Jackie Wilson, Johnny Mathis, Chuck Berry, Mickey Sylvia, and others.

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