Where Do You Park For The Fillmore Philadelphia? (TOP 5 Tips)

Is there parking available at the Fillmore East?

  • Multiple parking areas are accessible at the Fillmore, with enough space to accommodate hundreds of automobiles. During the process of ordering tickets online, you will have the option to pre-purchase parking in order to ensure that you will have a space. Otherwise, parking is offered on a first-come, first-served basis for a price that is payable in cash.

Does the Fillmore in Philly have parking?

Prior to arriving to The Fillmore Philadelphia, make sure you have a parking place reserved. Parking is restricted on-site, so arrive early to escape the crowd and grab your place! There are two parking lots available for your convenience: Our properties are located at 1025 North Front Street and 98 Richmond Street in the heart of downtown (at the corner of Richmond St Frankford Ave).

Where do you park at Fillmore?

In the immediate vicinity of the Fillmore Silver Spring, there are several free parking facilities. The Wayne Avenue Garage, situated at 921 Wayne Avenue, and the Spring Cameron Garage, located at 8700 Cameron St., are the two garages that are the closest to the hotel.

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Do you have to be vaccinated to go to the Fillmore Philadelphia?

By participating in the event, you certify and attest that you and all members of your party who will be attending the event will adhere to the following rules and regulations: Everyone above the age of five who wishes to access the venue must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (at least two weeks after the second dosage) and show proof of immunization before being admitted.

What can you bring into the Fillmore?

Only the following types of bags are permitted:

  • Bags made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC. The maximum size is 12″x6″x12″. Small clutch purses that are about the size of a hand are available. the maximum size is 4.5″x6.5″
  • the

How does seating work at the Fillmore?

We are a general admission/standing room only musical venue, thus unless otherwise specified, there are no seats available for our performances.

Does the Fillmore Philadelphia have seats?

Three venues are contained within one building: a main room with a capacity of 2,500 people; The Foundry, which has a capacity of 450 people and hosts up-and-coming local artists, DJs, and smaller touring bands; and Ajax Hall, a bar and lounge with a capacity of 450 people and which serves food and drinks. The Fillmore is located in downtown San Francisco.

Does the Fillmore SF have seats?

It was more than a year ago. Because it is in the heart of Charlotte, it is as safe as can be expected in a big city. I’m aware that there is security in place, and that it is a rather busy destination with a large number of people. Each nightclub and performance venue has its own security team, and they are generally competent.

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Does the Fillmore allow cameras?

Camera Policy Small, personal cameras are permitted into the venue at the discretion of the artist, but are not required. There will be no flash photography or professional recording equipment used. Unless otherwise stated, most concerts are restricted to those 16 and older with acceptable identification. Alcohol will be offered to persons who are 21 years or older and have a valid identification card.

Is Fillmore box office open?

Where can I get tickets for a performance? On Fridays only, the Fillmore Auditorium box office will be open from 12pm to 6pm because to the ongoing global pandemic, as well as to preserve the health and safety of our customers and venue staff members.

What did the Fillmore in Philly used to be?

The Fillmore was a dance hall that operated under a variety of names and management throughout the 1930s and 1940s – The Get Acquainted Society, Ambassador Dance Hall – and was also a roller rink throughout the 1940s.

Is the foundry the Fillmore?

Inside The Fillmore, there is an exclusive VIP area called The Foundry, which is sure to become a favorite of any guest.

Is there a coat check at the Fillmore?

Do you have a coat check available? Yes! The Fillmore Minneapolis does, however, charge a fee for coat check. Space is extremely restricted and will only be available for as long as it is permitted.

Does the Fillmore SF have coat check?

YES! There is a coat check at the Fillmore!

Can you buy tickets at the Fillmore box office?

Ticket purchases from the Fillmore box office can be made over the phone, according to the venue’s policies. No. Tickets for all events at the Fillmore Detroit may be purchased online at LiveNation.com. For more information, visit LiveNation.com.

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