Where To Sell My Movie Posters In Philadelphia? (Best solution)

Where can I find old movie posters to hang on my walls?

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Can you sell old movie posters?

Following the determination of the worth of your historic movie poster, you have the option of attempting to sell it through a reputable online auction house. To be honest, I would recommend that you sell via a private collector rather than an auction company simply because selling through an auction house is inherently riskier and more difficult.

How much is my movie poster worth?

It is necessary to look at previous auction prices in order to ascertain the “fair market value” range of the poster being offered for sale. The Heritage.com Movie Poster Archive (which requires registration) and the EmoviePoster.com Auction History Archive are the two greatest resources for historical auction prices for movie posters.

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Do old movie posters have value?

Do vintage movie posters have any monetary value? Movie posters that are re-issued after a theatrical premiere may still be regarded originals, although their worth will normally be lower than that of posters that were produced when the film was first shown in theaters.

What do you do with old movie posters?

Occasionally, movie companies would request that posters be returned to their possession. They own the film and any promotional materials associated with it, and they will seek reimbursement for the posters. In order to protect themselves legally, movie studies may adopt this as a policy for all of their films.

Is selling movie posters illegal?

An appeals court in the United States found that it is permissible to print and sell a replica of an old movie poster printed on a t-shirt, but only if the poster is not mixed with any other part of the film. A judgment in favor of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., et al. was entered by the trial court.

How do I sell my movie props?

The Most Reliable Site to Sell Movie Props for Money

  1. This is a local antique store. Local collectors.
  2. Craigslist.
  3. Local collectors
  4. Your best option: Neat Stuff Collectibles
  5. One of the fastest and easiest methods to sell your movie props is to sell them to your local collectibles store, because they will most likely offer you cash payment on the spot.

What makes a movie poster valuable?

Authenticity of the item and whether or not it was released at the time of the film’s first release in theaters or at a later date are the most essential factors to consider when establishing the worth of a movie poster.

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How can you tell an original movie poster?

The original posters were printed on acidic paper and have “tanned” to a certain amount over time as a result of natural “acid tanning,” which is a process that occurs naturally in the environment. Digital copies, on the other hand, are produced on brand new “minty white” paper. The longer time has passed since the poster was created, the more tanning is visible.

Why are original movie posters expensive?

The advertisements for cherished vintage films were frequently beautiful pieces of graphic art. In addition, because theater managers disposed of a large portion of this promotional paper after the final credits ran, it quickly became quite valuable. Collectors of high-end items consider vintage Universal Studios’ horror movie posters to be among the best blue-chip investments available.

What is the most valuable movie poster?

The Mummy poster from 1932 is the most expensive film poster ever sold in the United States, being sold for $435,500 in 1997, the highest price ever paid for a poster.

What’s the most valuable movie poster?

According to the findings of the Top Dollar research, the most valuable movie poster of all time is Heinz Schulz-1927 Neudamm’s artwork for Metropolis, which sold at auction for a whopping $690,000 dollars.

Are original movie posters a good investment?

A classic investment: Posters for films that are considered classics, cult classics, or just plain cool will always be a good investment. A poster in excellent condition may exist, but unless it is for a film considered a “classic,” demand for the poster will normally be lower, and therefore the potential return on investment will be restricted.

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Do movie theaters give out posters?

Do movie theaters have any extra movie posters? The studios provide them with promotional posters to use in their marketing efforts. They are used to promote a film in order to encourage people to go watch it; however, after the film is no longer being played, the movie posters are thrown away or taken away by personnel in some cases, but not all cases.

Do cinemas sell posters?

A trailer and a poster are often produced by the distributor for a new theatrical release of a film. Posters are often offered in two formats: quad format (30′′ x 40′′, landscape) and one-sheet format (30′′ x 40′′, portrait).

What does AMC do with old movie posters?

Consumers may either watch the trailer for the film or purchase tickets when the poster has been detected by the app. Those who wish to save a film and get an alert when tickets become available can do so even if tickets are not currently available. In addition, AMC Theatres is introducing an augmented reality contest within the posters to aid in the marketing of the application.

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