Who Scored Most Points In Philadelphia Eagles? (Best solution)

David Akers has 1,323 points in his career for the Eagles, which is the most in the team’s history.
What is the record for the most points scored in a playoff game in NFL history?

  • A Wild Card playoff game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions on December 30, 1995, produced a combined total of 95 points, which remained the NFL’s highest scoring postseason game until 2009. The Eagles won 58–37 thanks to seven Detroit mistakes, while they controlled the game overall.

Who scored the touchdowns for the Eagles?

Wide receiver Shelton Gibson hauls in a 63-yard throw from Nate Sudfeld for a touchdown for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What are the stats for the Philadelphia Eagles?


  • PYDS/G, 200.2, 25th overall
  • Rushing Yards/Game, 159,7, first overall
  • Kicking Points, 1st overall
  • Passing Yards/Game, 200.2, 25th overall
  • PYDS/G, 25th overall
  • Passing Yards/Game, 25th overall The average kick return is 18.5, the average punt return is 7.2, and the average point return is 7.5. The total number of points allowed is 50. PA.
  • Third Down percent 45.7. 3RD percent 4TH OVERALL.
  • Yards / Game. 359.9 YDS/G.
  • Third Down percent 45.7.
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Who scored the first touchdown in the Eagles game tonight?

Dallas Goedert scores the first touchdown in the NFL.

Who has the longest NFL career?

George Blanda has the most career seasons played, with a total of 26 seasons.

How many points do the Eagles average per game?

This season, the Philadelphia Eagles have averaged 26.5 points per game across their games.

Who has the best defense in the NFL 2021?

For the first time in 22 seasons, the Buffalo Bills boast the best defense in the National Football League. 6

What is the significance of the eagle’s stance?

In what way does the eagle’s posture represent anything important to him? It is represented by the eagle, which symbolizes the United States’ readiness to employ force to defend its possessions. In what sequence did groups of people from the United States arrive in Hawaii for the first time?

Did the Cowboys win against the Eagles?

The Cowboys thrash the Eagles 51-26. Dak Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott tossed for a career-high five touchdowns as the Cowboys thrashed a depleted Philadelphia Eagles club 51-26 in the Week 18 Saturday night matchup.

How did the Eagles score their first touchdown?

Prescott had a few of errant passes, but he finished the job with a pass completion to Cooper on 4th down to get them inside the Eagles red zone for the first time this season. It takes Dak’s 15-yard throw to Cooper into the end zone for them to score their first touchdown and tie the game.

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